Nazi Germany

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Sally Eisner was born in Baran, Poland. She lived with her parents and younger brother. Sally and her brother had a happy and comfortable life until the Nazis destroyed it. When Poland was invaded by the Nazis, they were thrown out of their homes and sent to a ghetto in another town because they were Jewish. After that they were sent to a small labor camp, where they were forced to work in the fields all day with hardly any food or water. The worst day of Sally's life was the day she lost her parents. It was in July 1943. Sally was in the fields working when the Nazis surrounded the camp and ordered everyone, including her parents, to dig a massive grave. They were then ordered to strip naked and line up. Then they were shot, one by one. When the firing stopped and the Nazis had left, Sally's brother, who was thirteen, went back from the fields to see what happened. He saw their parents and all the others lying in the ditch that was also their grave. He ran away and Sally stayed in the fields terrified until it was completely dark. She went back to the camp the next day and saw the massive grave. Then Sally went to search for her brother who she found the next day in the forest. They were both very scared and confused. Sally and her brother had survived these awful experiences and were finally liberated by the Russian Army in March of 1944.

This was only one of many awful and terrible experiences. Sally wrote that she didn't know or understand how they managed to survived. They were very lucky. Sally and her husband Leon, who she's known since 1938 also survived. They met each other again after the war and were married in 1945. Both of their brothers also survived. Before they had been sent to the labor camp, Sally and her brother had lived with a Gentile family. This family had let them hide there for some time until a close call when Hungarian police came to search the house. Even though they were not found, they had to leave so the family...
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