Nazi Foreign Policy

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  • Published : January 21, 2008
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Germany was a country fraught with tensions-social /political allegiances spit the country apart. Religion divisions made a protestant and Catholic population divided (while protestant tended to be proNazis, the Catholics - pro Centre political party- less so). The German communist party (KPD) played off the success of Bolshevism, with such a large, industrial work force the KPD and social democrats stood as immediate opposition to Hitler. This threat was short lived, with non-nazi parties being dissolved, those not complying with Nazism left the country /ended up in concentration centres. Hitler's support came from the Mittelstand, and from areas of the rural peasantry although this social class on the whole disagreed with Nazism due to centuries of catholic faith. Hitler's Germany was not ‘one' in any sense. This was Hitler's goal; ‘Unity' –Volksgemeinschaft, the ‘Volk' – one people, a social revolution, which heralded the break down class boundaries. He also wanted revenge (against Versailles), all allegiances would be with the leader ‘furher'. Hitler wanted to destroy the social elite, idealizing, clean, honest citizens in the peasants (‘blood and soil') Nazi loyalty also lay with disillusioned (Weimar's failings) workers a Hitler was doing what propaganda so readily conveyed to the German people, cleansing society in order to produce his ‘Volk'. Nazi imagery was of a domestic housewife, the producer of Aryan children and upholder of conservative principles -traditional. This immense pressure of propaganda meant people had no other alternative view point to turn to, feed by media hype everyday– to the extent that a picture of Hitler was to be hung in every house, the dictatorship was more idealized as war began. The nazi policy which created so many jobs in the cities began having repercussions in rural areas, workers left rural life to find higher wages in industrial areas. Propaganda became so extensive that one writer announced ‘sleep is the only...
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