Nazi Control Was Based More on Propaganda and Terror Than Icon Their Social Policies in the Period to 1939. to What Extent Do You Agree with This Statement?

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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It is to a significant degree that this statement is true, as Nazi control was predominately based on propaganda and terror in the period to 1939, however Nazi social policies also played a major role in gaining Nazi support. A series of popular social policies were introduced throughout the 1930s such as the Strength Through Joy programs, the notion of Volksgemeinschaft, and various organizations that catered for women and their roles within society. Controlling propaganda weaved it's way into the hearts and minds of Germans, as they were cleverly persuaded to act in accordance with Nazi ideals. Enemies of the state were socio-economic groups such as communists, social democrats, and most obviously Jews, who were all eventually terrorized into silence by the Nazis. Persecution against the Jews sprung up from early January 1933, when the Reichstag Fire Decree was issued on the 28th February 1933, and grew rapidly to the streets of Germany, and more violent behavior from the SA. The use of propaganda to win the hearts and minds of German people was obviously central within the Nazi regime. On May 10th 1933, a strong warning was issued to all those who were still opposing the Nazi regime. Large fires were lit in public areas in German cities, and documentation by German Jews, democrats, socialists and communists- all enemies of the Nazi vision were engulfed in the flames. This event became known as 'The Burning Of The Books'. In October of the same year an Editorial Law was introduced, which have the Nazi regime power over the print media, enabling the government to dismiss critical journalists and editors is they threatened the interests of the regime. The almost daily routine of Nazi parades and rallies throughout the streets of Germany was and important part of promoting Nazism, in particular the annual Nuremberg Rallies held in September, also known as annual Party Days. Of course, Jews were the main group targeted by this harsh terror and propaganda. The very...
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