Nayong Filipino

Topics: Philippines, Philippine Revolution, José Rizal Pages: 14 (2072 words) Published: December 4, 2012
|Nayong Pilipino - Filipino Historic and | |Cultural Amusement Park | |Freeport Zone, Clark, Pampanga, Philippines | |[pic] | |A CULTURAL TIME MACHINE FOR THE PHILIPPINES | |Are you looking for a cultural and historic tour of the Philippines all without traveling throughout the entire | |country? Then you need look no further and you should visit Nayong Pilipino for a taste of everything | |Philippines. Here you’ll find a unique Filipino village, otherwise called Nayong Pilipino, contained within a 45 | |acre amusement/theme park type environment. | |This park is essentially a representation in a miniature-version of the diverse Philippines and its culture, all | |in one place. This recreational/leisure/history-learning facility is divided into numerous | |geographically-sectionalized display areas. Here you’ll find representations of regions such as Cordillera | |Central, Ilocos, Tagalog, Bicol, Visayas, and Mindanao and so forth. | |Each region represented contains a typical residential building, landmark-structure and/or representation of | |Pilipino geography including characteristic landscape indicative of the specific regions. For example, the Cebu | |Region has the famous Bohol’s Chocolate Hills while one of the examples for the Visayas Region is a replica of | |the historic Magellan’s Cross. | |Some of the Philippines famous hero’s and political figures residences are also featured in this very unique | |facility. Visiting these structures is like taking a trip in a time-machine to another perspective of place and | |time in Philippine history. | |A SPANISH-INSPIRED COLONIAL PLAZA AREA | |The central part of Nayong is where you’ll find the realistic, old-Spanish-styled, Colonial Plaza area complete | |with cobblestone pathways and other authentic replicas of historic Philippine structures such as the Barasoain | |Church where a mass is actually held every Sunday. The Colonial Plaza is modeled after promenade centers similar | |to the parks in the Vigan region with an authentic gazebo structure and more. This is reminiscent of the | |architecture of the Northern Luzon area of Vigan that has the honor of owning the oldest surviving old-Spanish | |architecture in the Philippines. Antique churches, official buildings, and residences, cobbled narrow streets, | |and horse-drawn carriages may all be found in this interesting bit of Filipino/Spanish nostalgia. | | | |MALAKAS AND MAGANDA | |As children Filipinos, are told the story of Malaka and Maganda? This is old Pilipino folklore dating back to the| |origin of the Filipino people and passed on through generations. It portrays the native people’s legend of how | |man and woman came into existence. This legend is explored, displayed and depicted with characters and native | |surrounding at the park. | |BARASOAIN CHURCH...
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