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Topics: The Times of India, The Times Group, Broadsheet Pages: 7 (2970 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Navbharat Times|
Tejasvi Vichaar, Khabrein Asardar|
AmritPreet Singh 2011057Dushyant Chaturvedi 2011070Girish Bhatia 2011081Roshan Kanth 2011082Haritha 2011085Introduction: 1. Navbharat Times is a daily newspaper published by Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd., who also have the Times of India in their portfolio. 2. The first issue of Navbharat Times hit the stands on the 3rd of April, 1947.Navbharat Times was launched in order to address the people of independent India in Hindi, a language, which was totally their own.  3. Navbharat Times was the first Hindi national newspaper those days with editions in Kolkata, Lucknow, and Patna & Jaipur. 4. However, the newspaper later moved from being pan-India to limiting itself to two editions, Delhi and Mumbai. 5. The subjects of Navbharat Times range from politic to entertainment, from sports to economics and much more. 6. The newspaper provides information about the important happenings of the world, though local news items are given thorough coverage.  7. The Navbharat Times launched a Greater Noida edition in Sept., 2011 and an NCR edition to be circulated in Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida on 2nd January 2012. 8. With a circulation of 4.23 lac odd copies (Source: JJ-10, ABC India) in Delhi and a strong readership of 19.7 lac readers; NBT rules the roost. Hindi being the fourth language in Mumbai; NBT circulates to 1.3 lac copies in the Greater Mumbai area (source JD-10, ABC India) and attracts 4.7 lac NBT readers according to the industry benchmark – the Indian Readership Survey.Supplements provided with Navbharat Times: A. Hello Delhi: 1. Hello Delhi is the lifestyle Bollywood supplement of Navbharat Times which gets published six days in a week (barring Mondays). 2. It has recently upgraded to a new design with spicy Bollywood interviews, scoops, features and tidbits, along with all the hot gossip. 3. There is variety of special feature pages on Travel, Women, Style, TV& Movie news. 4. The design of the supplement and the photographs published guarantee maximum eye balls and according to many surveys, it is the first page most of the readers turn to when they start reading the newspaper. 5. The major events of the city which don’t find a detailed mention in the main newspaper are found over here. This also includes the page 3 parties which are frequented by socialites and different events to promote some worthy causes. The supplement has a page called “Photo Dhamaal” which caters to the aspirational values of the common man by publishing the snapshots from these parties. 6. Hello Delhi is a section of the newspaper which publishes news for the denizens of the city. Hence it is used by local retailers to inform the readers about the different offers which they are giving on a particular day or to tell the readers about any new product launch which are going to happen in the city.Online Avatar of Hello Delhi: 1. To connect more with the younger readers who are spending more time on the internet, the supplement is available on the internet page of Navbharat Times. 2. There are different sections like most viewed (sabsejyadadekhegaye), new stories (ye hai fresh maal), foreign models in India and links to the home pages of different movie stars. 3. There is a video gallery which streamlines the latest videos for the visitors and a slideshow of the photographs from the different parties held in the respective week in Delhi. 4. A contest is also run where in two celebrity photographs have been morphed together and the visitor have to guess the name of the celebrities. B. Navbharat Times Property: 1. Property is a vertical supplement catering to the readers’ demand for the very latest in real estate. 2. The Navbharat Times property supplement is exclusively devoted to the real estate sector and performs the important task of...
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