Navajo Anth 1040

Topics: Navajo people, Agriculture, Earth Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: February 7, 2013
ANTH 1040-002
The film Seasons of the Navajo describes the cultures and traditions of the Navajo peoples. The movie focuses on one Navajo family living in Chinle, Arizona. Throughout the movie, several important Navajo traditions are discussed, especially in terms of how the family featured in the movie has preserved these traditions and continue to use them in their day-to-day lives. Tradition, especially in terms of the importance of family, is a major guiding force in Navajo society. Navajo society is based on farming and agriculture. Livestock and land is what holds Navajo families together (“Seasons of the Navajo”). The Navajo have a belief that the Earth is their mother and provider. Because of this they have a high amount of respect for the land and for the things that come from land (like livestock or crops). They do not seem to view animals or crops as things that exist to make humans’ lives easier, but instead they respect animals and plants for the life-giving abilities they have for the Navajo people. In the Navajo worldview, there is a balance between people and the animals and plants that they produce. They are both very important to each other. In Navajo society, family ties are very important. The younger members of the family often have to go closer to cities or towns to find jobs, but they return to their family home whenever possible to help with farming or agriculture. All family members have a role to play in Navajo society. The women do domestic activities like cooking, carding wool, and weaving, and the boys tend the livestock and the crops. Even young children assist the adults when possible. Navajo society is matrilineal (which means that women own most of the property). This symbolizes the importance of women in the Navajo society since it is “Mother Earth” that gives the Navajo people their land, their crops, and their livestock. This shows the balance in Navajo society, since women are considered to be just as...
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