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Jennifer Wilson
Marilyan Mayer
Composition II
Rough Draft of Research Paper
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Thesis: the Navajo People have a robust and diverse history that few people know about and even fewer understand. (Start with Navajo facts)
The Navajo People make up the largest tribe in the United States. They have a staggering 255,727 registered people (Johnson and Hook 296) as of 2001. Undoubtedly that number has grown since then. The reservation makes up four different states: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. The Navajo reservation is on the four corners of those states. The Navajo people have been able to maintain a sense of diversity and a sense of self. Interestingly enough, the Navajo people do not even call themselves “Native American” or “Indian.” A little girl was trying to make new friends on a Navajo reservation, so she went up to a Navajo girl and said: “’We are all Indians’. and the Navajo girl replied, ‘You’re Indian, I’m Navajo.’” (Bailey 6). It is also said that “Navajos are different; they’re not like other Indians.” (Bailey 5). Surprisingly, the Navajo people still speak the Navajo language. Also, the word “Navajo” is not even in their language. The Navajo people actually call themselves Dineh. Dineh is translated to: “The People.” (Underhill 4).

The Navajo People are known for many things. The most common things they are known for are: Navajo cradles, weaving, and jewelry. [A/N: need more information on Navajo jewelry] the Navajo cradles are made for infants when their mother is working on something or to carry the child. Navajo cradles are made in a particular fashion: “Navajo cradles were braced with two boards with pointed or rounded upper ends, a footrest, and a hoop or canopy of thin, bent wooden splints. All parts were tonged together through holes in the wood. Ornaments and charms were often attached to a bow-shaped canopy.” (Johnson and Hook 192). The weaving loom was not actually invented by the Navajo...

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