Nautica Group Cafe

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1. Introduction

2.1 Background to the case study
Nautica Group Cafe was named after the maritime (ALAM) academy that Awie had graduated. In year 2001, first Nautica Cafe had been launch in Lumut as a partnership private limited company. After three year, Awie move to Kuala Lumpur expand its chain of restaurant and launch KL Nautica Cafe. Awie has strong interest in food and hospitality industry which had make Nautica as a pool of varying cafe network around Kuala Lumpur within less than 10 years. All Nautica cafe and restaurant outlet are rented and do not have their own premise yet. Each Nautica Cafe are set up after getting positive results from a random market survey on the viability of opening the restaurant. 2.2 Background to the issue

The owner of Nautica, Awie, he doesn’t have a good managing experiences and just about making sure that all raw material, cooks and workers are always available at restaurant. He believe that by viewing the restaurant businesses from outside can enable him to see what he unable to see from the inside. Due to lack of management skill and experiences, his annual reports for the last three years have been showing continuous low profit margin compared to regular hih sales turnover since establishment in 2001.

2. Strategic to management practices

2.1 Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
KPI are an important management tools and help to monitor the achievement and progress towards targets. A well-made set of KPIs or metrics enables a business to know if it is on the right track. Data used in this way can improve efficiency and effectiveness. As an owner of the restaurant, Awie should hire a management accountant which can work with and familiar with the strategy for the business to identify the appropriate measures for recording progress in each area.

2.2 Human reources
Company from small to large just only archive their operation management strategy with competent and motivate...
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