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Naural Crime vs Legal Crime

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Naural Crime vs Legal Crime

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Natural Crime and Legal Crime
Carey A. Campbell
Axia college of University of Phoenix
Foundations of Criminal Justice-CJ/303
Kevin Perry
September 28, 2009

In today’s society and throughout our history there are two different types of crimes that have an impact on the criminal justice system. Both of these are dealt with on a regular basis. These crimes can be divided into different categories depending on the characteristics of the crime itself but the main two categories that are used to differentiate between criminal activities are known as natural crime and legal crime. These two types of crimes have differences between them and some of them can be crisscrossed between the two categories. When a person gets arrested the information is gathered and investigation is done. After this there has to be a decision made rather it is a natural crime or a legal crime he or she has committed. Well in order to determine this have to go into the definition. According to AC Associated Content Business & Finance (2009), “Natural Crime is a crime against the basic laws of nature or personal crimes that may or may Further, a natural law view asserts that if a person, society, or government does not conform to the laws of nature, he or she or they, if that be the case will not function effectively and ultimately will be harmed and destroyed."( par. 1) Natural crime is also known as mala in se (wrong in and of itself). Legal crime also means mala prohibita meaning (wrong only because it is prohibited by law). According to AC Associated Content Business & Finance (2009), “Legal Crime is a crime that occurs and is purely a legal crime, something that while illegal will not necessarily disrupt the flow of nature.” (par. 1) An example of mala in se would be murder and rape because it is against that persons will, or the victim is mentally or physically in incapable of giving consent. When it comes to mala prohibita it is manmade. Like speeding...

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