Naukri Business Model

Topics: Recruitment, Marketing, Customer service Pages: 4 (769 words) Published: September 13, 2012
Business model of is almost a cross between a brokerage model and an Advertising model sinceit is involved in a B2B and as well as B2C and acts like a broker. It is a medium whereemployees and corporate shake hands and both are customers. As a website it providescontent and services mixed with advertising messages as well. has a clear revenue model from the beginning.There is direct floe of revenuefor the services rendered to customers. is not just in the business of µonline recruitment advertising,¶ it is, in fact, inthe business of providing a match between the job seeker (who is looking for a career) andthe employer (who is looking for the right candidate) using an µonline medium.¶ Thus, is in the market of µrecruitment advertising¶ (advertising that communicates theavailability of a position or a job designed to recruit staff of any kind).

2 Who are the customers?

As of March 31, 2009 had a database of about 17 million registered jobseekers, and over 70,000 live job listings from Corporate Customers. During the Fiscal year 2008-09 serviced approximately 34,000 Corporate Customers, respectively. Anaverage of over 14,000 resumes were added per day to the database in Fiscalyear 2009. y

10% clients from placement agencies, contributing 60% of jobs 30% of revenue y
IT firms contributing 23% of job recruitments.
FMCG ± 5% contribution to jobs.Some of the top employers include Synechron, Accenture, L&T, Deloitte Cognizant, IBMJindal, Mcafee and many more.

Key decision areas for customers in t
e buying process? provides different facilities for both the recruiters and the customers. F
or Recruiters
Best Place to work: - exclusive section for top companies, ensuring maximum branding and visibility y
Hot Vacancies : premium job listing, greater visibility in less cluttered space y
Classifieds: designed to be brief and to point...
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