Nature V. Nurture: Psychotic Behavior in Children

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  • Published : August 19, 2010
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Nature v. Nurture: Psychotic Behavior in Children
Many children at an early age have difficulties with fitting in and behaving like a “normal” child. But what is “normal” mean? The textbook definition of normal is conforming to the usual standard, type, or custom. Society however has broken it down to a more bias meaning, which is to belong to a group of people whom most closely resemble the “all American family” or in others being popular. In today’s society being “normal” is not based on your mental or emotional state, but rather on your physical appearance, it has become a popularity contest. This leads one to believe that children with mental diseases are not really accepted by these groups. Many acclaimed professionals have researched whether children are more prone to be born with schizophrenia or develop it later on; by using works from professionals one will be able to examine the contrast.

Many researchers believe that schizophrenia is a biological disorder that is inherited and usually will not start until early adulthood. But many examiners believe that for most children schizophrenia can start as early as birth; they deduce that this disease gradually gets worse as the child begins to grow up and can be caused by biological inheritance or how one is raised. To professionals this is known as childhood onset schizophrenia. In addition to related works that suggested this opinion there was a documentary on a little girl of the age of six and she was plagued by this disease since birth. As an infant she was often distracted by things that were not there and had violent fit where she kicked and screamed. As she continued to get older her violent fits became more malicious as she tried many times to hurt her little brother, unintentionally of course. Her parents then knew that something was wrong and that she needed special help. Because of this disorder she was not really able to fit in with “normal” children and was pulled from school where she could...
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