Nature Walk Essay.

Topics: Water, Biotic component, Abiotic component Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: September 26, 2012
Every single say we affect the lithosphere, whether we know it or not. Simple things just like a little rain effects it. Ways that processes and forces affect the lithosphere is water. When it runs off it causes chemical reactions that break down rocks. The rainwater dissolves the rocks to form caves and to move rock and soil to other places. By doing this is causes major erosion. Erosion is very bad because it slowly breaks away soil, and takes out all the nutrients that plants need to survive. Below is a picture of a rain drain next to a road and is where all the run off from rain goes.

Natural actions can affect the Earth’s surface in many ways. Things such as weathering and erosion causes plants to die. Things that cause this is water, wind, and ice. Soil formation could effect the Earth’s surface by only forming in one area. Soil rebuilds itself by when there is a turn in a creek or river and the sediment piles up. If all the sediment were to pile up then there wouldn’t be a good usage for it. Although it rebuilds embankments for creeks and rivers, it doesn’t help rebuild what plants were lost during the erosion. Below is a picture that shows how excessive water or flooding in the creek, possibly from rainfall has caused erosion along the creeks banks and tore up roots from plants and trees.

Human influences can impact the lithosphere in many ways. Mostly by driving cars and polluting. All these pollutants from cars and trash is washed down road drains, and will go into creeks which goes to plants. Back in the older days, people used trees to build houses, which is reasonable because we need shelter to be able to survive. In the present people are cutting down trees and using them for things that we don’t need all that much. Below is a picture of a tree trunk which has rotted over the years. The tree was clearly cut down for some reason and the stump was left there.

Humans use water for everything. To cook, clean, and it’s in a lot of our products...
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