Nature vs Nuture M1

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Nature VS Nature M1:
The nature theory looks into things such as personality, aggression, sexual orientation and there intelligence. Nature refers to an individual's innate qualities; nature is in your genes and is passed down through your mother and father. Your physical and personality traits will stay the same from the instant you are born as they are passed down through your genes. Examples are physical features that are inherited, these traits cannot be changed and you have them all throughout life. ‘Physical traits are inherited through genes. Your mother and father each contributed to the way you look by passing on their genetic material to you. Most of the traits that are one can see and identify in another person, e.g. hair colour, eye colour, height, weight, skin colour, fingerprints and shape of face and facial features are called "polygenic" or continuous traits.’ Nurture this can be developed through our own personal actions and what surroundings we have been based in. Certain illness an diseases can be nurtured if we are brought up. If environment didn't play a part in determining an individual's traits and behaviours, then identical twins should, theoretically, be exactly the same in all respects, even if reared apart. But a number of studies show that they are never exactly alike, even though they are remarkably similar in most respects. ‘This report confirms that approximately one-quarter of the global disease burden, and more than one-third of the burden among children, is due to modifiable environmental factors’ Biological Programming is based on that everyone carries genes and that genes are going to produce a certain genetic material which provide the instructions for the body to structure amino acids which turn influence proteins in our body cells this in turn programming the chemical...
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