Nature vs. Nurture: Who Leads the Dance?

Topics: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment, Nature versus nurture Pages: 2 (850 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Nature vs. Nurture: Who leads the dance?
I am writing this essay on nature vs. nurture to try to figure out which is more important. Nature is the side says that our behavior is pre-determined by our genes and DNA. A lot of the nature research has to deal with twin studies and IQ. Nurture is the side that says our environment shapes our behavior. Many people believe we are born a “blank slate”, and are influenced to behave a certain way. The conversation on which side is more important has been going on for decades, if not centuries. By looking at both sides it can help us understand why people are the way that they are and it can help us understand learning disabilities, serial killers and psychopaths.

The first side I am going to present is the nature side, which I believe has a little more weight in becoming who we are. The first idea I would like to talk about is Dr. Money case and the boy with no penis. Bruce and Brian were twin brothers who went in for a routine circumcision. Unfortunately, during Bruce’s something went wrong and his penis got burnt off. The boys parents were not sure what to when one day they saw an ad on t.v that a man named Dr. Money was opening a transgender clinic. Bruce’s parents and Dr. Money tried to raise him as a girl, but it failed. This help shows that no matter the environment, nature (genetics/DNA) will kick in and over power environment. The second idea comes from a “wild child” case. A thirteen year old girl was found locked in a room, strapped to a potty chair. They called the girl Genie. She had little to no communication skills as a result. When they first found her they thought they could teach her English, and she could live a normal life. The time spent with language specialists and doctors, showed a lot of improvement and she could communicate with other people. One doctor believed that Genie was born retarded, so her learning ability might have been already impaired.

The nurture side is also very important to...
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