Nature vs Nurture, How Do We Develop?

Topics: B. F. Skinner, Psychology, Reward system Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: April 14, 2013
I am going to answer the age old question, what is it that is important in the development of personality, nature or nurture? I believe that the way we are nurtured and the experiences we have are more important than genetics in personality development. I believe this because we learn and are shaped by our experiences and while I believe that genetics do play a role, our environment is more important.

First of all I’m going to talk about what happens when you don’t have a nurturing environment. The girl in the window is an article about a girl named dani. Dani was left alone in a room all alone for years on end in a room, with no contact no friends and little to no food. She was found one day and there were attempts to bring her back into normality. When she was found she was mentally challenged and incredibly unhealthy. She couldn’t eat properly or speak. But since then she has improved. She was adopted by some people who took her in and helped her lead her own life. This shows that a nurturing environment is a good cure for isolation. Another case of isolation was genie. Genie was a girl who was strapped to a chair for 8 years of her life! She also had little to no contact, and did not know how to speak. Her growth was really stunted and she walked like a crab. Her isolation prevented her from living a normal life. When she was tested by various psychologists, they tried to bring her back and give her what was taken. They tried to teach her to speak, but it was to no avail. She did learn how to play and make noise and how to express emotion. But she was way to isolated for too long to lead a normal life. She lives in a care home now being assisted to do most things we can do easily and independently.

In a nurturing environment we a brought up in a good, nice way. We know what is right and what is wrong. We gather many experiences of the world around us. Our parents are the biggest factors in personality development. We copy what they do, try to do the...
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