Nature vs. Nurture: Etiology of Homosexuality

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  • Published : May 13, 2012
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Nature vs Nurture

Nature vs. Nurture
The etiology of homosexuality has been debated throughout the years by many different organizations. “Sexual orientation refers to a dispositional sexual attraction towards persons of the opposite sex or same sex” (Rahman, 2005, p. 1057). Many homosexuals are elated to find that genetics is at least partly a source of sexual orientation. On the other hand many do not want the specific genes to be found for fear that they will be used to eliminate homosexuality in the future. Homosexuality was once thought by the American Psychological Association (APA) to be a disorder or a disease. As of 1973 the APA removed homosexuality from its list of diagnoses. Despite research proving that homosexuality is genetic, there are still people who claim sexual orientation is a choice. The purpose of this essay is to highlight the proof that homosexuality is not a choice in humans or animals proven by research done by different geneticists. One prominent study that shows up in research based off sexual orientation is known as the fraternal birth order (FBO). Research suggests the FBO is significant in the search for the etiology of homosexuality. The FBO states that having a larger number of older brothers increases the chances of homosexuality (Hughes, 2006, p. 196). Furthermore with each older brother the probability is increased by thirty-three percent. With such drastic odds as evidence the FBO clearly points to genetic link to homosexuality. According to a study led by Dr. Brendan Zietsch of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, Australia genes explain about twenty-seven percent of an individual’s gender identity (“Gender bending,” 2008). Genetics undoubtedly holds some responsible for sexual orientation. Many studies highlight a certain genetic marker of DNA known as Xq28 as a key element of sexual orientation. Geneticist Dean Hamer and colleagues discovered during their research that homosexual brothers...
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