Nature vs Nurture Debate

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  • Published : December 15, 2010
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Nature vs. Nurture
The Forever Debate
Christine Nerren
South University Online

I. Nature:
Definition: The traits we are born with through heredity from both of our parents. a. Appearance
-eye color
-hair color
-skin tone
-freckles or no freckles
b. How we laugh
c. Some personality traits
-possibly sexual orientation
II. Nurture:
Definition: The traits of which we are that are formed by our environment. a. Taught behavior
b. Life experiences good or bad
c. Sense of Humor
d. Manners

I believe that Nature and Nurture are both true. You cannot have one without the other. Yes, we inherit certain physical and personality traits from our parents but, I also think that we become who we are mostly by our environment and how we perceive the world around us. There are situations where nature takes over one’s life more than others when it comes to personality but, ultimately it comes down to nurture for most of us. I can say this from my own personal experiences. Let me explain…. My younger sister and I were removed from our biological home when we were very young. I was 14 months old and my sister 3 months of age. The state removed us due to neglect and abuse. We were placed into foster care at this time. My younger sister was treated well and I was continuously abused by my foster mother. We stayed in this home until I was 4 ½ years old and she was 3 ½ years old. We were then adopted into a wonderful family. As my sister was quiet and timid, she seemed to be adjusting and doing well. I on the other hand I had suffered tremendous abuse and acted out at every chance I got. With a lot of love, patience, and counseling I started to change in my personality. I became a very caring loving child who befriended the underdogs. My sister, on the other hand, seemed to snap. Even with all of the love, patience, and...
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