Nature vs. Nurture: Child-Rearing Debate

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Nature v. Nurture: Child rearing debate
Inter-American University of Puerto Rico
Alejandra Fraguada
GEHS 3030-4705 Human Formation in a Contemporary Society
Prof. Jahiatt Garcia M.
Trimester Late Feb. – May 2013

Is our personality based on how, where, and who raised us or who are parents or “genes” are? Well that is one thing that people and researchers have been debating over, or so the video says, but really how are we to know if it is between the ‘nature’ or ‘nurture’ of how and what we grow up to be. In order to find out, I guess we would have to have some type of clinical, or study, to be able to figure it out. But wait if it all depends on “genes” does it mean that it doesn’t depend on ‘nurture’ or ‘nature’ but merely on our parents “genes”? I, for one, do not think it depends completely on “genes” I definitely think it depends on how our parents raise us and in what environment we are in at the time of growing up. Like let’s say both parents are action-oriented and fun-loving and they raise their child to be like that as well, but as the child grows she, even though her parents have tried to have her open up and be action-oriented and fun-living, tends to me more shy and likes to keep to herself and not have attention drawn to her. In another case, the parents are serious and quiet, and the child turn out to be assertive and outspoken, something that their parents are not and don’t know where he/she got it from. So can it be in our genes or can it be in how we are nurtured by our parents and the nature of it? Well in that case I guess it might depend all in how our parents nurture us and as well as the environment we are raised, right? Guess again, it all depends on everything. Come on, if you think about it we really tend to mimic and mirror what is in our surroundings, meaning if our parents, family and friends tend to be outgoing, then we will be outgoing. If our surroundings tend to be wild, then we also tend to be wild. Of course it doesn’t...
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