Nature vs. Nurture

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  • Published : February 6, 2012
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One of the biggest controversies in psychology today is nature verses nurture. Nature verses nurture is the issue of the degree to which environment and heredity influence behavior. Psychologists ask themselves how much of people’s behavior is due to their heredity and how much is do with the environment a child is brought up in. Different psychologists believe differently. Some lean on the side with nature while others go with nurture.

Viewing the facts and information on nature verse nurture I came to the conclusion that I’m more nurture then nature. My environment influences me more than my heredity dose. The surroundings I grow up influence to become the person I am today. My house and my school build my character in many ways than one.

Growing up they say be your own person don’t let people influence you. When you’re not looking people influence. Your friends, your family even your teachers can influence you. That’s why I believe that your environment influences you. My friends didn’t have a big part in my behaviors but they had some parts. Yes I became my own person but they still had some impact on me. My friends and I compete a lot. We compete from clothing to sports. You never want to come out the loser. So I worked hard in the sports I played. I practiced everyday and on my own time to make sure I was number one. I spent a lot of money on clothing to make sure I looked my best. Therefore, my friends created an environment were winning is everything. If I don’t win I feel like a loser. I feel like I didn’t do my best. Nurture played a part on this character trait I picked up.

The most common environment were behavior is influenced is in the home. My mom taught me manners and to show respect to everyone. You don’t get this from heredity. These are things that are learned. I learned to clam my angry down when get mad. She taught me to talk the problem out and try and find a solution. If it was up to heredity I would be a...
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