Nature vs. Nurture

Topics: Plato, Philosophy, Learning Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: June 26, 2011
For the history fair, we decided to debate nature versus nurture and the two people we used in our debate was Greek philosopher, Aristotle on the side of nature and for the side of nurture is also a Greek philosopher Plato. First to start the project, my partner named Brittany and I jarred when and purchased a tri – board to present the project. Second, to do this debate, my partner and I researched on the history of the two philosophers and we also did some research on both of the two great thinker’s views on the two topics. Aristotle’s stand on nature is with the use of what he calls a substance and he states that all of the natural substances in this world consist of two elements; matter and form. Also on how all substances contain the origin of their certain change and special movement. His view on nurture is that humans are born with a blank mind and they gain knowledge from the influence from the environment they live in. On the other hand, Plato’s view on nurture was that from the very day a child is born, that child begins life already equipped with various knowledge from within that child according to Plato there really is no such thing as learning new ideas and things what we the people of today call learning is really something called recollection. Plato’s statement is basically the complete opposite of Aristotle’s stand.

After gathering all the information needed for the project, we began to decorate the tri-board. On the process of creating the board we dived the tri-board into two sections the section for nature and the other for nurture and we painted the board over and drew objects like rulers and other smart type objects. Once the decorating of the board was finished, we put on pictures of Aristotle and Plato and the board was finished being made in my opinion I thought the tri – board was done very well and it very neat and done.

To conclude the debate between the two philosophers on nature versus nurture. We...
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