Nature vs Nurture

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  • Published : November 29, 2010
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Nature versus Nurture 
Before psychology and sociology have dealt on the behaviour of man , the 
dominant view concerning human behaviour was centered on the theory 
proposed by Charles Darwin . He explains that , human nature and human 
behaviour are all natural . By this , Darwin proposed that humans acted 
out of natural tendencies or instincts which are dictated by nature 
through ``genetic make up ' as later discovered by Gregor Mendel .
However , this kind of thinking was later on rejected through the 
knowledge of the role of ``nurture ' which is a shaping a persons 
behaviour or attitudes and perspectives through cultural context . This 
idea was first instituted by John Watson in his ``behaviourism .
Later on , social scientist began to claim the importance of learned 
social behaviour . On the part of Freud , he developed the theory of 
psychoanalysis which relates biological factors with personality and 
behaviour . He claimed that humans have basic needs that are prompted by 
drives and urges , however , humans are also influenced by society . A 
three dimensional personality results from this , that which is consist 
of the id-which is basically biological needs and satisfaction , the 
conscious ego-the pleasure dimension and the superego-the cultural 
influence to the individual , which includes , morality . Piaget on the 
other hand develops a cognitive theory , in which he created stages of 
how persons know things . The first is through sensorimotor stage which 
consist of sensory perception , followed by the pre-operational , wherein 
language are learned through cultural contact , thirdly , the concrete 
operational wherein the person already learned to use logic and 
relationships and finally the formal operational , characterized by the 
ability to think hypothetically . Kohlberg have outlined his ideas with 
Piaget , however , he is...
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