Nature vs. Nurture

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Nature vs. Nurture
Athleticism, otherwise know as an active interest in sports or an obsessive participation in physical activity seems to engulf my life. This characteristic resembles active, but includes the athletic and a physical activity associated with engaging in an action. Although being athletic seems as simple as tossing a ball around the backyard, it’s difficult to measure the amount fitness and effort required for a completive competition such as a marathon. It’s also important to consider calculating the athletic statistics and achievements of an individual throughout a game or even an entire career. Athleticism can be evaluated be observing an athlete’s performance levels during multiple stages of a football or soccer match.

To begin with, nature contributes a large part of my athleticism. Surely environmental aspects affect this characteristic, but biological influences have a key role in athletic ability. For the most part, the contour of the body is a major genetic component associated with athleticism. A person’s height, body mass, and overall shape of the body play an important role in athletic ability. For example, someone who is short and is born from a smaller size family will have a difficult time playing basketball or any other type of physical activity demanding height. After several studies on the amount of scoring of professional basketball players under six foot, there is evidence that their bodies are a major hinder resulting in low points per game average compared to taller players. There is a limit on how much a person can improve their body from its original form. Anyone can increase and improve strength, speed, and stamina, but one can’t alter the genetic makeup of their body. While gathering information on sprinters, it’s difficult to determine a specific genetic makeup that adds an advantage, because there is drastic variation of sizes among most sprinters. Some people are fortunate to be born will athletic bodies that...
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