Nature Versus Nurture

Topics: Ted Bundy, Hugh Aynesworth, Serial killer Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: June 12, 2011
Nature Versus Nurture

"Evil isn't a cosmological riddle, only selfish human behavior" - Joyce Carol Oates There are varying beliefs regarding why some people follow a path in life paved with values, ethics, and morals, while others trample on the rights and lives of others without a second thought. Notorious serial killer Ted Bundy appeared to be by most accounts an all American kind of guy. Good looking and gregarious, helpful and thoughtful, considerate and funny, were only a few of the adjectives that his friends and families used to describe him. However, behind Ted's charming smile and quick wit lay a veritable lady killer, who for the most part remained dormant. Only Ted's victims have really seen the real Ted Bundy, and unfortunately all but one of them are dead. Michael Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth (1983), authors of "The Only Living Witness" interviewed Ted extensively throughout his life in prison and until his death by electrocution in 1989. According to Michaud and Aynesworth, Ted was bitter about his illegitimacy and the fact that his mother, Louise pretended to be his sister, while his grandparents pretended to be his parents. When Louise decided to take her little brother/son to Washington state, little Ted was devastated. He was very attached to his father/grandfather and was extremely upset by the move. Louise subsequently married Johnny Bundy and had several children with him. Most people from Ted's childhood who cropped up when Ted made his way into the headlines back in the seventies had nothing but glowing memories of young Ted. He was a good student, not great, but at least a "B" average kid. He was kind and considerate, downright polite. However, around the tender age of fourteen, Ted had began to express an interest in extra-curricular activities, such as voyeurism and fetishism. No one really knows how many women Ted killed, but all of the known victims were young (mostly college students), attractive, and in the wrong place at the...
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