Nature, the Gentlest Mother

Topics: Emily Dickinson, Mother, Life Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: April 18, 2008
Thesis: Once you are born, your mother will be always next to you, ready to help you.

In this poem Emily Dickinson tries to compare a mother and nature. In the first three lines she describes how nature is kind and at the same time patient. Nature cares about us a lot while we behave sometimes little bit ill to her. It forgives us our action just with a “mild admonition.” Nature lives its own life freely and without any barriers while at the same time any pain you give to her hurts her quite deeply. Like cutting the rain forest or high pollution which the nature returns to us as being naughty

From the 9th to the 12th line she says that whatever nature does it is always fair to everybody, not just to one part of nature but also to another. It is something that I would call balance in nature. If there is anything wrong with her “children” she balances. Dickinson can see the power of nature as mentioned from the 13th to the 16th line when even the most unworthy flower or the smallest cricket follows all the wishes of nature

Dickinson is very patient and caring when all her children (take it as the whole of life in nature) fall asleep and she doesn’t fall asleep until the last one is safe.
In last four lines she summarizes all that is true about nature and mothers at the same time. “With infinite affection and infiniter care” she would do whatever is within her power just to make sure they are safe. “Her golden finger on her lip, wills silence everywhere” means anywhere you move, anywhere you go, nature always pays attention to you with her golden finger which however still reminds you who is the master watching them from sun showed there as a golden finger.
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