Nature of Thought

Topics: Mind, Cognition, Psychology Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: November 16, 2010
The Nature of Thought

Philosophy 215

November 10, 2010

The Nature of Thought

The nature of thought is a process to interpret information gathered by the brain using senses, memories, and language. The process of thinking is influenced by perceptional blocks and personal barriers. Internal and external events in cultural differences along with an individual’s economic status ultimately encourage thoughts whether negative or positive. Irrational and rational thoughts influence decisions. Identifying and recognizing behavior patterns associated with thoughts allows awareness to inadequate thinking. The sensing process which includes all five senses, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching is the way the brain is stimulated to channel thoughts. The sensing processes make thinking possible. It is difficult for the brain to interpret thoughts properly without at least some of our senses. Imagine living without all fives senses, brain activity will not exist to create, communicate, cook, or even process information for survival. A vegetable state on mind is the outcome. Memories are the act of recollecting information from past experiences that mold and shape the way individuals form thoughts about themselves and society. The brain stores memories with the help of neurons which induces physical changes. The physical changes that occur are unknown; however, it is known that the perception of memories can change. The brain processes information according to the significance and the relevance of the person experiencing the occurrence. For example, the death of an ill family member may make it difficult for some to cope; nevertheless, some may believe in spiritual values and assume the ill family member is in a better place. More importantly, thoughts associated with good or bad memories effects the thoughts made whether they are adversely or favorable. Language is a medium for interpreting communication in order...
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