Nature of Thought

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Nature of Thought Paper

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August 25, 2010
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Nature of Thought

The nature of thought plays a key role in our everyday lives. Thinking, sensing, memory, perceptions, personal barriers, and thoughts are major contributors to the nature of thought process. “What do I exude as the average of my thoughts?” What is the quality of those thoughts? Are they good and bad, negative or positive, tempered or relaxed? This paper will describe my nature of thought and how it influences my views. Thinking and Sensing

Thinking is the process of using ones mind to consider something carefully. In order to think an individual must use his or her senses. We as humans are very sensual beings. If we were to go to a theme park and stand in line for an extreme rollercoaster we have never experienced before with flips, spins, high drops, and super speed, that makes everyone who rode it scream; there is no doubt that seeing and hearing those things would effect your thinking, either we would get scared or excited, or perhaps both. The assumption, “ There is nothing in the mind unless it is first in the senses,” this basically states that our brains would be empty if we couldn’t use our senses, and in the nature of thought this holds truth. Perceptions

Enhancing ones perceptions on things is important for examining the information that is sent to our brains. Our senses can be deceiving. The perceptions on the situations we observe determine how we absorb the information. Therefore, it is important that we get the facts correct, that we have accurate observations, and recognize that appearances are not always what they seem; that our past experiences or personal barriers determine how we view what we observe. Memory. Memory is the ability to recall past occurrences in our lives, and they are forever changing. “When memories are laid in the brain, the neurons related to those memories undergo physical changes. Neurons...
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