Nature of Sales Manager

Topics: Marketing, Decision making, Sales Pages: 3 (583 words) Published: April 6, 2012
Module I: Introduction
Sales management- Concept, Objectives and functions. Evolution of sales management. Nature and role of Sales Manager’s job. Sales management as a career. Emerging trends in sales management.

Module II: Sales Organization
Purpose of sales organization. Setting sales organization. Types of sales organization. Coordination of selling functions with other marketing activities. Sales forecasting.

Module III: Controlling sales effort
Sales Budget: Purpose and budgetary procedure. Quotas: Concept, Objectives and Types. Sales Territory: Concept and procedure of devising sales territories, Routing and Scheduling of Sales force. Sales Audit.

Module IV: Managing Sales Force
Concept of sales force management. Recruitment and Selection of sales personnel (domestic and international perspective). Cross Cultural challenges. Sales training. Compensating and motivating sales personnel. Controlling and evaluating sales personnel.

Module V: Distribution Management and channel control
Distribution channels: Concept and need. Distribution Channel Strategy. Managing distribution channel. Features of effective channel design. Channel Conflict: Concept and stages. Conflict management.

Module VI: Logistics Management
Objectives of logistics. Concept of logistics planning: inventory management decisions, transportation decisions, Location decisions.

Module I: Introduction
Consumer Behaviour: Definition and significance. Understanding consumer and market. Difference in individual buyer behaviour and organizational buyer behaviour. Market segmentation: lifestyle and demographic segmentation, usage segmentation, benefit segmentation. Product positioning.

Module II: Environmental influences
Culture: Meaning and Characteristics. Cross Cultural understanding of Consumer Behaviour. Subculture. Social Groups: Meaning and formation of a group. Reference groups. Influence of reference groups on consumer behaviour. Family: Lifecycle and it’s...
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