Nature of Public Administration

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There are two divergent views regarding the nature of the Public administration. These views are following

·Integral View. According to this view, Public administration is a sum total of all the activities undertaken in pursuit of and in fulfillment of public policy. These activities include not only managerial and technical but also manual and clerical. Thus the activities of all persons from top to bottom constitute administration although they are of varying significance to the running of administrative machinery. ·Managerial view. According to this view, the works of only those persons who are engaged in the performance of managerial functions in an organisation constitute administration. In this managerial view the administration has the functions of planning, programming and organise all the activities in an organisation so as to achieve the desired ends. Luther Gullick and Herbert Simon subscribe this view. Gullick says ‘Administration has to do with getting things done; with the accomplishment of defined objectives’.

These two views are deals the nature of public administration. In simply the nature of Public Administration deals the execution.

Significance public administration is an integrated part of the society and a dominant factor in life in the modern age. The function of public administrative called upon to perform every where have expanded in scale, range and nature, and what is more are continually increasing. Its contents, today are more positive in nature for it is now engaged in looking after myriad needs of human life health, education, recreation, sanitation, social security etc. it is therefore a creative factor, its motto being the “welfare of man” public administration of pivotal importance in the developing countries like INDIA.


In the modern time Public administration have a pivotal role. There are many discussions about the scope of Public...
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