Nature of Man Dbq

Topics: Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance, Italy Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: October 28, 2011
Spencer Erjavec
September 04, 2011
3rd Period
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Views of the Nature of Men
During the time of the Renaissance, the nature of man, in Europe, went through a rebirth. The idea that the nature of man is unique upon the person was established. The core basis of all men is not the same. Different men are comprised of various types of talents, and not every person has the exact same talents. In addition, human beings strive to live their lives a certain way, which is usually different from their neighbor.

Every human being is born differently. Not every man is born evil, as suggested by Machiavelli. He believed that every man was ungrateful, deceitful, and avoided danger in search of his personal gain, (Doc. 1). He may have been given this illusion when he studied Cesare Borgia, who is seen as a wicked man that was only interested in his own personal gain. Giovanni Pico agreed that men could be evil and focus on oneself, but that there was a select few. Men could be intellectual, rational, and sensual, and that it varies upon the person, (Doc 2). Each person is given different qualities. This makes men unique, with different personas.

Men are made with an assortment of talents. Some men have only a few talents, while others have so many that they cannot even focus and mature all of them, because there is not enough time in the day. Giorigo Vasari, an art historian, described this very person: Leonardo de Vinci. Leonardo was showered with talents, that whatever he decided to try, he would become and automatic master of it. Vasari said that this only happens sometimes and that it is almost supernatural, (Doc 3). Pietro Aetino, depicts the first type of person. He writes about Michelangelo’s magnificent talent for art. Pietro chooses to write only about Michelangelo’s one talent of art, because Michelangelo only had one talent worth mentioning, unlike Leonardo who had a myriad of talents, (Doc 4). Even though men are born with different amounts of...
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