Nature: Medical Technology and Life

Topics: Medical technology, Surgery, Life Pages: 4 (1422 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Jawaun Wynn
Rough Draft Paper 3
Basic Composition Sec 32
Lynda Dexheimer
October 19, 2010

Nature is the essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized. Natural is produced by nature with no artificial changes. In the world today it is natural to “Play God”, by using technology to save one’s life. The line should be drawn if technology harms or makes one’s life worse. People are so reliant on the advanced medical technology this world possesses because they believe that it could save their lives, make their lives easier, and make their appearance change based on the self image they want. Scientific and medical technology will constantly continue to grow because there will always be a medical problem that need to be solved by specialized equipment that will help save one’s life. Some critics believe that there should be limits on medical technology based on certain procedures that they think qualify as “playing God”. On the other hand, other critics believe it is pointless to put limits on the medical technology because people are already “playing God”. They are allowed by the government to do what they want as long as they have the money to do so. In “Dr Daedalus”, Lauren Slater explains how Dr. Rosen, a plastic surgeon, believes that when people change the appearance of their selves they are also changing who they are. Slater disagrees with this dilemma that changing the body will change the soul, which in a better term means, if people change their appearance they will ultimately change their core beliefs. In “The Made-to-Order Savior”, Lisa Belkin describes controversial medical technology that persuades a couple to have another child as donor of bone marrow to save the life of their older child. In the article certain critics disagree with this right to manipulate nature. People should not let nature take its course when one’s life is in stake because it is natural for humans to find ways to survive using medical technology....
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