Nature Is the Greatest Teacher of the World!!

Topics: Tree, Dattatreya, Life Pages: 4 (1402 words) Published: June 15, 2011
NATURE is the greatest teacher of the world!!
“Observe the nature carefully
With its big and small creatures
That teaches us the great lessons of life”

Nowadays due to rat race in day-to-day living, human beings are alienated from nature. It teaches us real selflessness, true renunciation and sacrifice etc. We can thus learn a great deal from nature. Nature is a silent teacher, friend, philosopher and guide. It removes all our pain, agonies, despairs and grieves. If we become merged with it we find ourselves in an elevated state of consciousness. The nature shows all her wealth irrespective of who we are and what we are. It never distinguishes between good or bad, rather removes all the negativities. It fills us with all positive vibrations by penetrating into each cell of body and mind. It does not know whether you are in joy or sorrow, but embraces you with love all the time. Life is like the night sky with numerous stars. some bright some dull yet each significant if really seen. during day u don’t see a single star. not coz they r gone just coz nature is preoccupied with sunlight. Everyone has a lot to think of (good, bad, silly, funny …) just like the stars. intensity may vary though.. but get preoccupied with work so much that u don’t see the rest. Rise and fall are alternating experiences in the life of man. None suffers endlessly. At least  the intensity of suffering will vary. Likewise none remains successful for ever. Failure and success are alternating experiences. Alternates glorify each other. If there is excess heat, thunderstorm or rain naturally follow. Hence even nature has got its own limits and it won't exceed its limits. Man must learn great lessons from nature. Shri Dattatreya has taught his disciples that nature is a great teacher. Once Lord Dattatreya was observing the ocean. The waves one after other were driving the dust and dirt and other polluting things to the shore. Dattatreya thought within himself; "The ocean is mighty and...
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