Nature Is My Home

Topics: Natural environment, Nature, Ecology Pages: 3 (1129 words) Published: April 17, 2008
Nature is My Home
The world in which we live in has a very unique and special form of resources, people, and land. People with many different backgrounds have to learn how to survive and maintain a social and economic status. People have numerous experiences, morals, and ideas that all contribute to the wellness, safety, and allocation of land and resources. How many families in the United States alone have a poor understanding of the environment they live in and on? The answer is simple: very few people have knowledge of the land they may live on, some none at all. How do people and where do people feel most at home? I believe that having a balance between rural and suburban life is beneficial so that an individual can undergo a variety of experiences.

Rebecca Solnit writes about her personal experiences that occur at her friend’s summer house in rural New Mexico. She compares and contrasts the events of living both there and her home back in the city. She challenges us to think about what “nature” is and how that tie into our lives as humans and the environment we live in. Solnit enjoyed both the animals and wilderness in rural New Mexico, though she also enjoyed the walking to and from the libraries and produce markets in the city of New York as well. She identifies herself with the city life and unpractical ways of the country. Her car is her main form of transportation in the suburban country area because it is so far from most necessities and other places of interest. Solnit defines her perception of what nature is and gets people to realize the impracticalness of certain places. Having a balance of city and country and feeling at home is the main goal she wants individuals to strive for. In order for people to clearly understand what home is and how their presence is affected by the environment I will examine an article by Rebecca Solnit. I support Solnit’s claim that the right balance between city and country is vital in a person’s...
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