Nature, Healthy to the Environment and You

Topics: Natural environment, City, Urban area Pages: 4 (1345 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Diego Del Rio
Nature, Healthy to the Environment and You
Throughout time cities have been the gathering place of great thinkers and idealist who have moved our world forward. Being a place where many people who hold similar ideas may gather and form a community, city life brings inspiration and innovation to many common aspects of life such as art, technology, and pop culture. Without such urbanized areas the world may not have been home to the revolutionary ideas of great minds like James Joyce, Shakespeare, or even Einstein who was inspired by commuter trains (Lehrer par. 1). And yet, today’s modern cities have shifted from not only a metropolis of ideas but one that can be equally detrimental to one’s mind and health. The expanding urbanization and population within cities have torn down the natural environment and replaced it with a jungle of concrete. Instead of inhabiting wide-open spaces as humans have lived in for thousands of years, many cities have become crowded; surrounded by strangers, bustling cars, traffic, lights, and millions of different noises in a setting almost devoid of nature.

Imagine walking down a crowded sidewalk trying to maneuver around oncoming pedestrians, making sure to keep up with the ever fluctuating traffic flow and preventing yourself from being distracted by the many commercialized advertisement signs, posters, and billboards. Cars are backed up as far as the eye can see, blaring their horns and flashing their taillights as they inch forward. To many, it is common knowledge how exhausting the city life can be, but recent studies have shown just how drastically being in an urban environment can impair one’s mental capabilities. Consider everything that your brain has to keep track of and its no wonder why your brain would have a hard time keeping everything in memory, and remaining calm. The controlled perception needed to stay focused can be very taxing on our minds. Settings similar to the above are an everyday...
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