Nature, Character, Contrast and Comparison

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  • Published : December 13, 2011
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NaAnn Marie Forgette
DB 1 – Nature, Character, Contrast and Comparison
The nature, character, contrast and comparison between the colonies in Jamestown in Virginia, the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Plymouth in Massachusetts, and the establishment of Maryland were all short on supplies and each were mainly focused on surviving in the New World. All the colonies had their own separate goals and desires, but all were very different in the ways in which they set out to establish the needs and laws for their region. The one major factor in the organizing of Virginia is when they lost Captain John Smith and went through the period called the “Starving Time”, which was a horrible time for all. The colonies were all trying to get settled and organized as much as possible with their own challenges and circumstances in which they faced. Virginia settlers were struck with sickness and disease which encountered most of the people in Virginia. There were no laws and people in this region were struggling very badly, they started setting out to define new laws. They became very religion over time and established laws around their Christian faith and ideas. Massachusetts settlers like the Puritans’ led by John Winthrop were very organized and they had a great leader around them. They did not face the same issues that the other colonies had to face because they were very prepared and organized. The Province of Maryland focused on trade and commodities that could be obtained. They looked to trade those commodities to the English and other geographical locations to make a profit. The basic nature and character of the colonies was to establish common grounds and rules for each region as well as gather commodities for their livelihoods to increase trading opportunities. Massachusetts and Virginia were a like and wanted to have a God loving community and share the gospel. The colony of Maryland was set out from the get go to gain trade commodities. (word count: 315)...
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