Nature and Significance of Recruitment, Selection and Employee Turnover Functions in an Organisation

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Nature and significance of recruitment, selection and employee turnover functions in an organisation

“You have joined a service organisation of approximately 5000 employees operating in Australia as the HR Executive, the general manager has asked you to overhaul the current recruitment, selection and employee turnover functions of this organisation because of evidence of poor matching of new employees to their work roles and rising levels of staff turnover. Whilst you have some clear ideas about how this can be achieved, you also have some concerns about pursuing this goal in the short-time, mostly because of the still uncertain outlook for the economy. In essay-format, discuss the nature and significance of recruitment, selection and employee turnover functions in an organisation, how would deal with the perceived problems in these HR functions, and the time frame for achieving your goal relative to uncertainties in your organisation’s environment”.

Human resource management is system and practice process that influence employees’ behaviour, attitudes and performance, it relates to many aspects like company’s strategic, ethical issues, job analysis, man power planning, performance evaluation, training employees and finally it could influence the purpose of company (De Cieri, H., Kramer, R., Noe, R., Hollenbeck, J., Gerhart, B. and Wright, P. 2008). As human resource managers in this big service organisation, managers’ faced two tough challenges, one is, managers need to solve poor matching of new employees to their position, and another one is to reduce high levels of employees’ turnover, especially in this uncertainties economy environment.

It has 5000 employees in this organization, and it must has a huge and complexity man power system, thus if managers want to solve staff problems, that they have to from rudimentary parts like, recruitment and selection process. Recruitment is a system that uses different ways to attract potential employees who will work in the company if the company need arises (De et. al., 2008). CCH Industrial Law editors’ states that “recruitment is to generate a pool of qualified job candidates from which to select the best person at minimum cost” (CCH Industrial Law, 1994, [¶10-030]). There are many sources which can help company to seek new staffs, as follows, advertisement in newspaper and online; or just recruitment from internal; public and private employment agencies are also good ways; and Universities where has the most numbers of potential staffs. In contrast, selection is a competitive and precise process which company decides who will or not be selected to come to the organisation (De et. al., 2008). Job candidates need to go through many steps to get the job, for example, telephone interview, personal interview, references information, physical and personality tests, maybe even honesty and drug tests which depends on different requirements in different organizations. It also sets five standards that evaluate the selection process. As reliability which consistency of a performance measure, validity that makes sure the performance is relevant the job performance, generalisability means the valid for different situation, utility is an effective way to put proper people to proper position and the last standard is whether it is legally or not (De et. al., 2008). Why selection process is so serious and precise? Actually in this modern society, every company are trying their best to seek competitive advantages through employees’ performance. Under this competitive social environment, quality employees and employees’ performance becomes more important than before. Therefore, recruitment and selection as the fundamental step that gets raises attention.

When the company puts job advertisement that mean there is job vacancy in the company. How to find proper potential employee for the company, the company need to give clear job analysis for job candidates who would like to apply the...
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