Nature and Nurture

Topics: Family, Mother, Parent Pages: 3 (1098 words) Published: October 29, 2012
This semester in psychology has taught me a lot about the way I and people in general think and see the world. I’ve learned so much about the human mind and how it develops through nurture and nature. There has always been a debate as to what is the leading factor of why people do what they do. For centuries people have contested the topic as far back as the great philosopher Plato. I have learned in my short time in psychology class that nature and nurture both affect the person you are in your life from how you act, to the way and why you gain weight and even the way you feel. One thing I’ve learned from psychology is how nature can affect you even with a different nurturing. Growing up I have never known my biological dad, who is also the father of both my older siblings. Fortunately when I was three, my mother remarried a hardworking, respectable man named Hugo. So I received a father figure that I lacked with my biological dad. Not only did he raise me but he has also accepted me as his own. When he became part of the family my older siblings were already grown and unfortunately had a hard time accepting him as a father. Since growing up without my biological father and with my mother divorcing him it annoys me when people comment that I am “so much like your dad,” for he was not the greatest person. Sadly through nature I‘ve gotten some of my father’s behavioral traits even with my new fathers nurture. A studies done in the 90’s(McGue &Bouchard, 1998; Plomin et al., 1998; Rowe, 1990) showed how children who were separated from their parents and living with foster parents still have a lot of the same traits as their biological parents even though they have grown up without them. This study showed that through nature kids who are separated from their parents will still genetically inherit some behaviors. As for myself through proper nurture from my step father I was able to fix unwanted genetic behaviors inherited from my biological father that would...
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