Nature and Characteristics of Technical Writing

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Nature and characteristics of technical writing
Technical writing is written communications done on the job, especially in fields with specialized vocabularies, such as science, engineering, technology, and the health sciences. Most of the technical writings are specific and concise especially in instructions, it is simple because its goal is to create a text that laymen can understand and implement, and it must be thorough or outlined and each step is clearly described. Moreover technical writings posses clarity, comprehensiveness that all the information must be provided. Furthermore it must be correct, free from grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes and should have appropriate format standards. And Technical writing is meant to convey information and to persuade the audience. Importance

Technical writing is very important in the forms of writing and communication for professional writings such as lab reports, projects, instructions, and diagrams. Technical writing is an important part of industry because it provides all the important documentation for the functionality and application of products and services within each industry. Also it is a big help for the engineers to be able to do better technical documents such as designing audio equipment and electronic equipment and reports. And with these they would be able to be communicated more quickly, efficiently, and productively. Also, Technical Documentation Services comprises of all activities, means and systems that provide information on how to use a product. This information in turn enables the user to understand the functioning of the product and to handle, maintain, repair and dispose it correctly and safely. It’s vital to a working business world, even a can of spray deodorant has a list of instructions on it (like don't spray this stuff in your eyes) Characteristics of Good Technical Reports

Make sure values are transferred correctly into the report and calculations are done...
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