Naturalistic Observation

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Naturalistic Observation Report

There are many places a psychologist can obtain “naturalistic” viewpoints of human beings in any given situation in life. The situations I have listed below are three examples of “naturalistic observations”, I have witnessed over the last six weeks and a lifetime that signify various ideas, emotions and reactions of the given circumstances. I hope these instances I have provided, make you think of similar situations that you may have encountered in the past or possibly in your near future.

Example 1

In my first observation, I visited three different car dealerships, pretending I was a prosperous prospective customer who had inherited a lump sum of money from the death of parent. I had informed each dealer that I had about $30,000 in cash to spend with the trade-in of my Ford truck. I also told each dealer that I was going to look at a different muscle car, (one at each dealership) and that upon do so, I was not going to discuss any discounts any of them had to offer. These car dealers did not know that I was trained in selling cars about five years ago in Jacksonville Florida and knew of all the tricks they might deceive an ignorant customer.

I told dealer “A”, I was interested in purchasing a “2012 Ford Mustang” V8 and watched his eyes light right up. He kept his composure and was very nice while showing me the car models on the car lot. I was surprised that he didn’t pressure me to make up my mind in a hastily fashion, but could see that any pressure he made might sway me away from his business. I was waiting for him to ask me to test drive a new Ford Mustang, when I said to him, “Do you mind if I test drive one of these cars”? He smiled, and said “Sure” and went to get the keys and license plate. As he left, I made some notes stating that he was a professional and that in today’s market, the customer with good credit and has money is a rare species. I drove the Mustang for a drive and was highly impressed with its handling, power and accessories. The car did sell its self. Upon return, I parked the vehicle and was welcomed inside to receive a sticker price, booklet, business card and a handshake. This man was very supportive of my buying philosophy, but also stated to me as I left, “You’ll be back for the Mustang, I know it….”

While visiting dealer “B”, the first thing I noticed at the main entrance was that the main building office was being renovated and a small trailer was being used as the main office for its customers. The building was shoddy, unkempt and my willingness to become a customer at dealer “B” was diminishing fast. I parked my vehicle and within seconds of getting out of my truck, was verbally assaulted by an employee from there, stating “Can I help you?”….”What can I do for you?”….These two quick questions would normally be offensive, but I kept my composure and later wound up realizing that this salesman was only on his fifth day of car sales with no previous training. So I wound up just laughing to myself and asked dealer “B” to show me the new 2012 Camaro’s he had for sale. While test driving the Camaro, I realized that he was a very smart kid who studied nuclear science in college. He knew all the information on the vehicle and I found out that the bad economy had made him become a car salesman and that he wanted to go back to school for his masters in nuclear science. For this comment, I was impressed. He showed me the basics for the car I had inquired, gave me his business card, wished me good luck and said he hoped to see me again.

The final dealership “C” was engulfed by a huge rainstorm that delayed my final test drive. I was now looking at the Dodge Challenger and was very excited. This car I did drive about two years ago while dating a Lady who owned one. I was impressed back then of this ride and wanted to see how it compared with the previous two vehicles tonight. I walked inside the dealership, expecting a...
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