Naturalistic Observation

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When given the assignment of Naturalistic Observation, observing at Starbucks seemed like a great idea. Starbucks is a place where people just go to talk and read, with the university being nearby I expected to see college students studying. Starbucks is a well known coffee shop where you can drink you coffee in a relaxing atmosphere. Today is February 15 the day after Valentines Day. I thought to see flirtatious couples together, drinking coffee and maybe even sharing pie. They could be on there Valentines date, if for some reason they could not go out of Valentines Day. I am expecting to see a lot of people coming and going, but not to many people buying coffee this late at night. I think there will be a lot of people reading books and magazines since there is a Barnes and Nobles connected to the Starbucks. I think there will be people walking through Starbucks going to the book store. It is close to 8:30 at night and it is sort of cold out side. As I entered Starbucks I found an inconspicuous table in the corner of the café. The place was lacking in the amount of customers, with only four of the twenty tables taken, the café is unusually quiet. Compared to the other times I have been here,

He plays with his empty coffee cup as he talks to the others at the table. Now I think I will look at things differently, I will be more observant and pay better attention to my surroundings. From this experience I learned that so much goes unnoticed when you are not focusing on the small things. The lack of action made it easy for me to focus on a couple for a longer period of time. The place was very empty, with only a few couples in the cafe. I think that people are always carrying out their own naturalistic observations, just by being nosey and sometimes curious. I tried not to be bias in any way so it would not effect the outcome of my assignment. Before arriving at Starbucks I had an idea of what I was going to see, according to the time and the day that I was going...
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