Natural Vegetation of India

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Natural Vegetation of India: Diverse and a Unique One!
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Located at tropical latitudes, the beautiful land of India is characterized by rainfall regimes and diverse temperature and climate. India’s climate helps in the growth of forests in the country. However, in the past thousand years, various types of human activities have altered the climatic formations in the country to ala large extent. The natural vegetation in India primarily comprise of forests. Vegetation growing in correspondence with different environmental conditions is the natural vegetation of a particular place. Several major factors such as soil, topography, temperature and rainfall have influenced the natural vegetation of India to a large extent. Depending on the atmosphere, weather, position and other factors, there can be several classification of India’s natural vegetation. The many features that characterize the natural vegetation of India are the tropical deciduous forests, the tropical rain forests, the alpine and tundra vegetation, rain forests of Southern India, Himalayan vegetation, the desert region, the temperature forests and grasslands and many more. A major role is played by the tropical rain forests, in the natural vegetation in India. These forests include the tropical semi-evergreen forests and the tropical evergreen forests. A place experiencing large amount of sunshine and rainfall have this type of forests. The trees found in these forests do not have any particular season to cast off their leaves since the area stays wet and warm all through the year. The growth of the trees happens to be very briskly where the sublime height attained by the trees is 60m or more. The forests are also known as archetypal rain-forests. These type of regions are only concentrated to the plains of West Bengal and Orissa, the Western Ghats and North-eastern India. The varied species available in the region are huge and can be used commercially. Some of the functional trees found in the region consist of Mahogany, Rosewood and Ebony. Another kind of natural vegetation found in India, is the Alpine Vegetation. The Eastern slopes in the Western Ghats are home to the moist deciduous forests. These type of forests can also be located in northeast of India that is areas od Chhotanagpur Plateau, south Bihar, east Madhya Pradesh, and west Orissa They are also found in the north-eastern part of the peninsula i.e. in the region of Chhotanagpur plateau, covering east Madhya Pradesh, south Bihar, the Shiwaliks in North India and west Orissa. The major trees in the region are Sal, Teak and Sandalwood. While Teak serves as an essential species in the region, Sal on the other happens to be an important tree found in the dry deciduous forests.  Over the time, it has been noticed that the moist deciduous forests in India are being slowly replaced by the dry deciduous forests. The tress in this region unlike those found in the tropical rain forests, have a particular time for casting off leaves. Yet another kind of natural vegetation offered to India is by the Thorn Forests and Shrubs. Found in dry places with an average annual rainfall below 70 cm, these forest sprawls over the north western region of India, from Saurashtra in the south of the country to Punjab in the northern side. In the eastern part, the forests extend to the state of Madhya Pradesh, the south western part of Uttar Pradesh and the Bundelkhand plateau. Long roots, broadness and radial pattern are the most common features of the dispersed trees found in this region. The forests gradually die away to thorny bushes and scrubs, thereby consisting of the most classic vegetation of the deserts. Among the valuable species of plants found in this region, are kikar, babul, and coarse grasses. India’s natural vegetation also consists of the tropical deciduous forests. The forests...
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