Natural Selection Lab

Topics: Natural selection, Adaptation, Color Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Lab title: Natural Selection Lab
* To understand natural selection and its effect on population. * Increase, decrease, survival and adaption
Hypothesis: If I have a pink/yellow environment then the pink/yellow organisms will tend to survive. Ind. Variable: color of dots
Dep. Variable: how many dots survive
Constants: Environment, 6 colors/ amount of colors
Materials: Cloth color: Pink (dark, medium, lights) yellow, paper dots: pink, blue, yellow, brown, green, and peach. Procedure: Taking dots off a cloth to figure what color could adapt and survive better in the environment that it was placed in. We were given 40 seconds to pick the dots off the cloth, then after that 40 seconds record the results on how many of each dot we got. Basically saying if you put a yellow and pink dot in a yellow and pink environment then they will adapt and survive better than a blue dot would because the yellow and pink would blend in making it so that its predator wouldn’t be able to see it as good as it would a blue dot.

Conclusion: this lab was to show us how natural selection works. By doing this lab we saw how an organism adapts to an environment and helps itself blend in depending on its color. My hypothesis was correct because the lighter colors adapted and blended more making them harder to find, there for increasing their survival rate. The darker colors on the other hand couldn’t blend as well because of the lighter environment they were placed in. There for making the darker colors survival rate decrease. Also the darker colors will go extinct faster than the lighter colors.
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