Natural Selection and North Carolina

Topics: Natural selection, North Carolina, Perennial plant Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Natural Selection Case Study QuestionsName _______________________________

Part I

1. Which state has more plain clover? North Carolina
2. Which state has more striped clover? Minnesota
3. Which state has a warmer average temperature? North Carolina 4. Which state has more days of freezing temperatures? North Carolina 5. Which state has drier conditions? Minnesota
6. Which state has more mollusks? North Carolina

Part II
7. Why are the two gene products that are needed to produce active cyanide stored in different parts of the cell? They are stored in different cells because one is covered in stripes which the striped clover contains cyanide while the other is plain which the plain clover don’t contains cyanide 8. What are two ways that the cells can be disrupted causing the two components to come together and produce active cyanide? 9. What would be the advantage of producing cyanide? It allows perennial plants to survive which it grow again in the spring 10. Is there any disadvantage to producing cyanide? Explain. Yes, It can be damage caused by freezing and plant eaters can harm plant cells 11. What do these results tell you about the interaction between the snails and the clover? 12. It takes extra energy to produce the white stripe in the clover. Why would a clover expend the extra energy to produce a stripe rather than using the energy for growth? It would expand the extra energy because of Fitness.

Part III

13. Which factors might contribute to / or inhibit the growth of the plain clover in MN? Bacteria that produce vaccines and hormones 14. Which factors might contribute to / or inhibit the growth of the striped clover in MN? Crops that resist herbicides and diseases or contain natural pesticides 15. Which factors might contribute to / or inhibit the growth of the plain clover in NC? Plants which can be eaten as vaccines 16. Which factors might contribute to / or inhibit the...
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