Natural Resources in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s Natural Riches: A Report

August 17, 2009
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[pic]PKKH Editorial Team Exclusive Report
By Noreen Shaikh | Edited by Hammad Q and Tanya Abbas
There are many among the youth of our country who underestimate the beauty of Pakistan; they fail to see the treasures hidden under the cultural landscape and look at it condescendingly, comparing it to other countries with superficial “luxuries” to offer. Among the many things that are unwary of, they do not know that this wondrous land which is the sixth most populous country in the world, boasts the second largest Muslim (and Shi’ite Muslim) population, only after Indonesia. It has been listed as one of the next eleven economies identified by Goldman Sachs investment bank and is believed to have a high potential of becoming the world’s largest economies in the 21st century, Insha’ALLAH. This land of the pure has natural resources in such abundance that it can sustain itself for many years ahead. Scientific investigation and exploration, into the resources, have only really been under way for a few years; the equipments used are obsolete and outdated, while the analysis is incomplete. Regardless of all the constraints, it is believed that all of while has been identified so far is a mere tip of the iceberg. Keeping that into consideration, the Pakistani Government should be wary and cautious of the west’s initiatives, which include physical or technical penetration into the country; with special attention to wherever the US is concerned. One cannot help but wonder, is the ‘war on terror’ for real? Have any of the previous U.S. claims been credible enough for any country to defy the popular opinion, and compromise its integrity and national sovereignty? Is it possible that the so called ‘war on terror’ is a curtain hiding the real true agenda for their excuse to invade a country and rob and plunder those countries natural resources? It is now a commonly acknowledged fact that the presence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) and the ‘restoration of democracy’ was a fabrication of their imagination; the real motive could have been strategic occupation, control of resources, political domination and/or a military exercise. Could the theory regarding control of its oil be true after all? Contrary to what is believed, The Soviet did not intend to conquer Afghanistan; it was induced to do so when CIA intervened with the mujahedeen plight and avenge the aftermath of the Vietnam War. This however does not mean that Afghanistan was not a temptation, since natural resources were stored in tiny huts for several years after being exploited by the Soviet; this is evident from the soil cores which were drilled deep in various parts of the country and were ‘discovered’ when the US Air force deliberately bombed these storage facilities. Understandably, the US Army (assisted by the CIA) had initially collected the information which they needed to conduct their research on the wealth of Afghanistan and in order to determine the costs and the benefits of their involvement....
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