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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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Programming concept:

The computer, though it may seem as an extra-intelligent marvel, is actually a dumb machine at its core! All a computer does is follow the instructions given to it beforehand. The instructions are given to the computer by a person who makes or codes the "programs" for a computer. The computer cannot understand the language that we talk. It has its own set of languages, called a Machine Language. Machine Language are in the form of Binary codes, i.e. it takes 0 and 1 as a positive or negative value, as we can see in electrical switches The programs made by a programmer are in high level language, i.e. a language that can be understood by him. The language is converted to a machine level one by a compiler, very similar to compilers- the people who translate languages between two people speaking different languages. The machine language is the lowest level of programming language, and it uses the 0s and 1s as its characters. In Binary language, the operation of a particular function depends on two electrical conditions - whether the current is on or off .These two digits used in machine level language are often called Binary Digits(or Bits in short). A compiler translates a computer program written in a human-readable computer language (like Java) into a form that a computer can execute. You have probably seen EXE files on your computer. These EXE files are the output of compilers. They contain executables - machine-readable programs translated from human-readable programs.

There are a lot of programming languages at present. There are many computer languages - "FORTRAN", "COBOL", "BASIC", "Pascal", "C++", "Java", etc. - just like there are many human languages. They all express approximately the same concepts in different ways. They all have their own features, for example BASIC language is a very easy language to start with, but is not so much versatile compared to C++. Using C++, it is even possible to control the hardware of your...
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