Natural Resources Are All the Things on Earth That Sopport Life

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  • Published : February 9, 2011
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Natural resources are all the things on Earth that support life. Plants, animals, air, and water are natural resources. Natural resources are also things that people use to make life easier. Your life is easier because you can ride in a bus powered by gasoline. You can cook your dinner in a microwave oven powered by electricity. People use natural resources to make gasoline and electricity. People use many natural resources to make their lives easier. There are different kinds of natural resources. Some natural resources are renewable, and some resources are non-renewable. Renewable resources can be replaced. Plants are renewable resources. Plants might get cut down, but they can grow back. Animals are renewable resources. They can reproduce. Solar energy is a renewable resource. Solar energy comes from the Sun. No matter how much solar energy you use, there will always be more. Wind, water, and soil are also renewable resources. Non-renewable resources cannot be replaced easily.

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There are many unconventional resources of energy available to the human beings. These natural resources include Water, air, sun, Oil and Natural Gases, other hydrocarbons such as coal, Plant kingdom etc. All of these play an important role in the life of the mankind. The replenishment of these is not possible. Increasing consumption and demand of these resources has embarked a danger of depletion of the reserves of such natural resources. Also, to maintain the ecological balance and avoid the earth from global threat of the reserves being exhausted, the need of this hour is to think and strive for the conservation of these natural resources. Further, it is the known fact that energy cannot be destroyed but transformed from one to another type. Electricity, another form of energy which is generated by burning coal, gas etc. or by converting the kinetic energy of water into...
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