Natural Resources and Energy Paper

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  • Published : November 7, 2011
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Natural Resources and Energy Paper
An ecosystem is a connection among living resources, residents, and habitats of an area. It includes animals, plants, microorganisms, trees, water and people. Everything that lives in that specific ecosystem is reliant on the other elements of that ecological society. Oceans are considered ecosystems due to the plant life supporting the animal life and also the animal life supporting the plant life. The earth’s marine waters cover two- thirds of its surface making marine ecosystem the largest of its aquatic ecosystems. In this paper we will identify the effects that a growing human population may have on that ecosystem’s resources, including loss or harm to populations of wild species, discuss one management practice for sustainability and conservation of natural resources within this ecosystem. We will also identify the risks and benefits of extracting or using one type of nonrenewable and one type of renewable energy resource from this ecosystem, or in areas near the ecosystem. The continual growth of the human population can have effects on our marine life ecosystem and eventually can cause an environmental decline. One of the issues researchers have found is overfishing. Overfishing transpires when fishing activities decrease fish stocks below an acceptable level, and has been reported to increase in the amount of fishing hauls to accommodate the growing number of consumers. It has also been reported that overfishing is resulting in the depletion of the fish species by 70 percent. Human activity over the centuries has depleted 90 percent of marine species, eliminated 65 percent of sea grass, and wetland habitat, degraded water quality 10-1,000 fold, and accelerated species invasions in 12 major estuaries and coastal seas around the world ( A four year study was done in 2006, in which they formed a prediction of the trend during that time that the world would run completely out of wild caught...
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