Natural Resources

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Technological Environment
Natural Environment

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Natural Environment
Involves the natural resources that are needed as inputs by marketers or that are affected by marketing activities.

Several Trends
1. Shortages of raw materials
2. Increased pollution
3. Increased government intervention

Environmentally Sustainable
It is an effort to create a world economy that the planet can support indefinitely.

Trends and issues
1. Growing shortage of raw materials – renewable resources ( forest and foods ) non-renewable resources ( oil, coal, and various minerals ). Firms making products that require these scarce resources face large cost increases, even if the materials do remain available.

2. Increased pollution – industry will always damage the quality of the natural environment. Consider the disposal of chemical and nuclear waste; the dangerous mercury levels in the ocean; the quantity of chemical pollutants in the soil and food supply; and the littering of the environment with non-biodegradable bottles, plastics and other packaging materials.

3. Increased government intervention in natural resources management – the government of different countries vary in their concern and efforts to promote a clean environment others, especially many poorer nations, do little bout pollution, largely because they lack accord needed to mount of worldwide environmental effort. The general hope is that companies around the world will accept more social responsibility, and that less expensive devices can be found to control and reduce pollution.

Sec. 1 Short Title. - This Act shall be shown as the "National Water Crisis Act of 1995." Sec. 3. Organization of Joint Executive-Legislative Water Crisis Commission.- Within thirty (30) days after the effectivity of this Act, there shall be organized a Joint Executive -Legislative Water Crisis Commission. The Commission shall be chaired by the Executive Secretary, with the secretaries of the Department of Public Works and Highways and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the chairmen of the appropriate Senate and House committees, as designated by the leaders of both Houses of Congress, as well as a representative of the minority from each House , as members. Sec. 4. Purposes and Objectives. - The Commission shall have the following purposes and objectives: * to undertake nationwide consultations on the water crisis and in depth and detailed study and review of the entire water supply and distribution structure; * To conduct continuing studies and researches on policy options, strategies and approaches to the water crisis including experiences of other countries similarly situated, and to recommend such remedial and legislative measures as may be required to address the problem. Sec. 8. Anti-Pilferage. - It is hereby declared unlawful for any person to: * Destroy, damage or interfere with any canal, raceway, ditch, lock , pier, inlet, crib, bullhead, dam, gate, service, reservoir, aqueduct, water mains, water distribution pipes, conduit, pipes, wire benchmark, monument, or other works, appliance, machinery buildings, or property of any water utility entity, whether public or private; * Do any malicious act which shall injuriously affect the quantity or quality of water or sewerage flow of any waterworks and/or sewerage system, or the supply, conveyance, measurement, or regulation thereof, including the prevention of, or interfere with any authorized person engaged in the discharge of duties connected therewith; * Steal or polfer water meters, main lines, pipes and related or ancillary facilities; *...
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