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Topics: Employment, Peer group Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: November 18, 2010
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1. Identify the key characteristics of Natural Knibbles’ orientation program and how it supports the goals of the organization. Natural Knibbles’ orientation program is designed to fit well with the refocusing of the company. The program is constructed in such a way that both voluntary and new staff members are able to familiarize themselves with the new equipment. The program also offers courses in human relations, communication, team-building, and diversity management, all for the purpose of improving organizational performance and assisting employees to learn and adopt the new approaches to work. There is also a formal orientation program for new employees who want to take part in career planning and opportunity developing. It involves a buddy system, where the new employees are paired up with more experienced employees who would present to them the tasks and responsibilities entailed in their position. This system would go on for three months, with a buddy-switch happening for every month. The new members are placed in one of the positions full-time, with occasional rotations in order to make up for a lack in hands or for those who were not around. This method encourages employees to try every position there is so that they can be familiar with them. Since the formal program is hands-on and done for the purpose of familiarization, it requires a lot of memory work for the new employees. With the pressure of inadequate time made heavier by the indefiniteness of when rotation happens, new employees will find it hard to recall certain routines and learn new tasks in the different positions. 2. What forms of training and development do you believe would have been beneficial to a) Kane and b) Lisa following their initial experiences at Natural Knibbles? Lisa has already settled in well to a permanent role, but in Natural Knibbles employees must also be able to fit in the other positions as well as the permanent position because...
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