Natural Insecticide

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  • Published : September 9, 2012
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Investigatory Project


Nowadays ,people can’t oppose the boosting of the countless pests and insects that disturb our daily habits. Controlling of insects and pests is one of the main problems of most farmers and gardeners. So, instead of buying commercial and expensive inorganic insecticides, an alternative and economical insect repellant made up of the sap of euphorbia plant, garlic, and siling labuyo, all natural insecticides derived from different plants which could kill insects and pests. The garlic (alluim sactium) that used for both ordinary and medicinal purposes and even as natural flavoring, could also be a benefit to make an insecticide. The property of garlic that is considered as an effective chemical that can kill insects and pests is its ALICIN, it is not seen in its natural state but when shopped and crushed, the enzyme ALLINASE acts on the chemical ALLIIN converting it to ALLICIN. ALIIN is an amino acid that doesn’t build proteins. Thus, it could kill insects becauseof its smell which humans dislike too. Furthermore, the garlic helps the insecticide to be more secure and natural. For the siling labuyo(capsicum annuum)which can be purchased at any markets, was also proved to an efficient ingredient in making an insect repellant. It has an active component known as CAPSAICIN . It was said to be an irritant for animals that causes a perception of burning of tissues. Capsaicin is the primary ingredient of pepper sprays. While in the other hand, the sap of euphorbia plant (euphorbia leucocephala), a cactus-like plant with spiny and succulent stems and flowers that are solitary, short and colorful. Base from the researchers, the euphorbia plant has a poisonous principle in all parts and it can be an active component in making an insecticide because it’s high toxicity. It may intense inflammation of the skin and eye to the person or animals that will be affected by this.
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