Natural Insect Repellents

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Natural Insect Repellents
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Around the world millions of people spend a lot of money on buying insect repellents for domestic use. This is a very important investment for families as insects and various arthropod pests spread dangerous diseases, killing or sickening millions of people each year. In fact, the health of a family may sometimes depend even on the choice of insect repellent being used at home. Insects and other disease spreading pests can threaten the health and lives of families and individuals in a community, many lethal diseases such as Lyme disease, bubonic plague, dengue fever and malaria, for example, are spread by biting or stinging pests. The pests include all insects, example, the mosquito is responsible for spreading malaria, as well as ticks which spread Lyme disease. The citizens of first world countries typically tend to become infected through the bite or sting of insects and bugs while they are abroad. Indeed, travelers to exotic locales are often affected by nasty diseases transmitted by insects or bugs and bring such disease home with them. The greatest dangers lurk closer home and one need not travel across the world to face tiny pests. Many local insects and bugs in North America can cause serious diseases. Therefore, protecting the entire family through the prudent use of good quality insect and bug repellents is a necessity. Insects and bugs as vectors

Each year, millions of people die from diseases transmitted by insects and other pests acting as vectors - an organism that acts as a host or carrier of some minute pathogenic organism that it transfers or transmits to a human host. In the case of malaria, for example, the mosquito is a vector, while malaria is actually caused by the protozoan parasite plasmodium. The human being is the final host. Not all diseases passed on by biting or stinging pest results in deaths, however, the issue is a serious one and protection from stinging or biting insects and bugs has been a major human concern down the centuries. The most familiar insect pest is the mosquito. These flying insects acting as major vectors have been responsible for much of the lethal diseases that are felt worldwide and are regarded as a global health problem. The most dangerous mosquito borne disease is no doubt, malaria, which annually claims up to five million people across the world. Insects like mosquitoes have killed millions of people down the ages by acting as vectors to transmit dangerous pathogens including those that cause dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, filariasis and many others. The mosquito transmitted West Nile Virus is one example of a mosquito borne disease which infects mainly birds but has successfully infected humans as well. This disease is now a major threat in North America, for example, according to the data released by the center for disease control, in the last five years; this mosquito borne virus has claimed one thousand lives in the US and Canada. Therefore, biting or stinging bugs and insects are serious causes of major diseases and protection from them is an important issue. Chemical repellents

The most common insect or bug repellents have synthetic chemical compounds that affect the response of the biting or stinging, insects or bugs. Different compounds may affect various physiological parameters in the body of the pest - the result is that the pest is stopped from biting or stinging the person and this ensures that the possibility of transmission of disease carried by the pest does not occur. However, in recent years, it has been suggested that some of these chemical agents may themselves be unsafe for human use. Indeed, the most common bug sprays and the many brands of insect repellents used in so many homes may even be toxic and capable of producing health problems in people. Across the world, millions of people use chemical repellents to deal with insects and other pests. In North...
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